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Principles of Operations Management

Principles of Operations Management                     

                                    Principles of Operations Management

 Build Foundational Knowledge with APICS Principles          

APICS Principles of Operations Management is an education-based program made up of five courses designed to help those new to the field of operations management establish a solid foundation of knowledge to excel in the fields of inventory, production and distribution management. Principles offers organizations an efficient and effective approach to educate and develop professionals on the basics of operations management.

The courses include many sessions, all of which are fully customizable to meet any number of unique learning needs within an organization. You can build the Principles program that meets your needs by selecting Principles course sessions, suitable as stand-alone mini-courses or combined with other sessions, to create a customized learning experience.

Principles Courses

The APICS Principles of Operations Management consists of five classroom-based, instructor-led courses.

  • The Principles of Inventory Management 

  • The Principles of Operations Planning 

  • The Principles of Manufacturing Management 

  • The Principles of Distribution and Logistics 

  • The Principles of Managing Operations

Custom Course Configurations

Use APICS Principles of Operations Management to address specific organizational needs and challenges. In addition to the five standard APICS Principles courses offered, sessions within each course can also operate as stand-alone mini-courses or can be combined with other Principles course sessions to create a customized learning experience.

APICS will work with you to configure a customized course solution that can address any number of training needs or operational challenges, including:

  • Cross-functional training for senior managers

  • Foundational training in specific operations management roles

  • Targeted training to address specific operational challenges within your organization.

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